Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nov 18, 2008

This weekend was good for me. Sat. was a regular day at the ranch. Chores, etc...We then had to go to the south pasture a few miles out of town to sort cows. Dave owns the pasture and had some calves in with Elton's. We got them sorted and trailered them to the pasture NW of Oshkosh. There were 76 cows total to transport. I hauled the smaller trailer that held 7 cows each time. I took 3 trailers full. They moved so much and it was hard to pull them. Elton had the goose neck trailer that held 11 cows. It was a lot of trips to get them moved over.
Sunday, I had the day off and I got my house cleaned for turkey day. I put a lot ow winter stuff away in the sheds, hoses, tubs, etc. It was in the 60's that day and just great to be outside.
Monday, chores were done and then I took the truck and went to Arthur. It is about 60 miles away. Nothing but pasture land to view on the drive over. I had to go and pick up a beef that had been butchered for Elton and Lauren.
Henry, Gary and Elton got the grinder repaired and got some feed ground and mixed for the heifers and bulls.
After work Gary came over to pick up the 26" TV we gave him. We decided to get rid of the heavy TV out of the trailer to lighten the load. We're going to put a smaller 20" one in there when we get on the road again. Who wants to watch TV anyway when there is so many other things to do???
I talked to my sis in Laramie yesterday on my drive. We're planning a trip to hike the Pacific Crest Trail starting next summer. We might take a couple weeks and hike somewhere in Oregon. I want to take a month but she suggested we start out a little slower since it will be the first hike. Great idea, Donna...
They will be here next week for Thanksgiving. I am really looking forward to seeing them. I haven't seen them since Oct. 1st. Sure do miss my family!!
Gotta go to work,,, Have a great day!

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