Saturday, November 1, 2008

Daylight savings day

Did you all make it thru Halloween? Bob had carved a pumpkin and put a candle in it so the trick or treaters could see it when they came to the door. But--we had zero come to the door. Bob was happy about that--now he gets to have the candy he bought.

Yesterday at work, chores came first and then Gary-the other hired hand worked on getting a grinder apart. New parts were ordered and should be here on Monday. We use it to grind corn and mix feed with it for the bulls and heifers. Today a load of feed came for the bulls and heifers to tide us over till the grinder is repaired.
I worked on painting some poles that they will use to finish building a fence at the entrance to their place. I also ran to town and picked up a 55 gallon drum of oil for the tractors. I filled some feeders with salt and mineral for the sheep and still need to get one more feeder for the heifers mineral and salt.
A couple days ago I had to milk Bessie, she had too much milk for just 2 calves. I was able to take it home and use it. My cereal never tasted so good! Sure brought back memories of growing up on the farm.

Today, I went out and did the morning chores and then went with Elton to check the cows with calves. No new calves today! We did have two calves on the other side of the fence we had to move over. After that was done, they sent me home till 4pm.
I stayed busy cleaning the house, doing laundry, made lunch for Bob and me, ran to the grocery store (twice), the first time I forgot dish soap. Then to top off the afternoon, I made a cranberry orange quick bread. I just took it out of the oven and it smells heavenly! Toasted with cream cheese is the best way to eat it.

It's about 70 degrees here today. Bob got the leaves raked up in the yard and hauled off. He got out trailer parked to the south of the house yesterday and winterized it. He told me that next fall we will be back in Arizona. I'm happy about that.

This is Daisy nuzzling up to the lambs.

If you look to the SW there is a crescent moon with Venus close by. I'll try to enclose a photo.

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