Sunday, November 9, 2008

Winter weather coming

The wind was blowing & all the tumbleweeds had a place to land. Nebraska fence line with nature's catch...

Winter weather is here. Today we had snow but it was fairly warm. This afternoon it warmed up more and just made the place mucky...

Gary and I worked in the shop today, straightening it up, putting things in their place. Looks better too.

This afternoon we worked on Lauren's chicken pen. We had to enlarge it and put a cover over it so the guineas won't fly out. The geese got a new pen with a used dog house to take cover in when the wind blows or the snow gets too deep. Lauren got 3 turkeys the other day from a lady that moved to Arizona.

We also sorted sheep today. We are taking a load of fat lambs and rams to the auction market in Ft. Collins tomorrow. We load at 6am and will try to leave by 7am. That will be a fun day.

This is a picture of 2 cows babysitting all the calves in the pasture.

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