Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another day at the office

This is Tony Llama..
We had to say goodbye to Scott today. He was here for 2 weeks helping out on the ranch and he will be missed. He was great to work with and always found the fun in the job! But...I don't think he will miss the sheep too much.
We have been vaccinating sheep & calves that have gotten sick. We moved some cows to a pasture just west of Oshkosh yesterday.

Today we got back to fencing a cornfield where more cows will be turned into probably later in the week.

Lauren, the owner, has Tuesdays off and yesterday she made sloppy joes, pistacio salad and these wonderful date bars for lunch. She is a wonderful cook and we look forward to Tuesday lunches! Thanks Lauren!!
We had to wean 4 calves off of the milk cow today to make room for 2 more calves that need a nurse cow. They were crying all day.

I took some pics of some things on the ranch. Enjoy a bit of Nebraska!

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