Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mar 1, 2008

Yesterday, Bob worked on his income tax and I tried to stay out of his way. He took a break 1/2 way thru and went and visited the Gold Prospectors Shop. He spent a while in there and came home and finished his taxes and mailed them off the the accountant.
I worked on a wire tree with beads yesterday and it took a long time to finish.
But here is a picture of it!
I took a book over to Ron today and on the way home I stopped to talk to Thom and Judy and her mom. Curt was packing up and said he was leaving on Monday. He is going to Lake Havasu for a couple days and wants to take his ATV in the sand dunes. He is anxious to get home to his kids and grandkids. He will be home by Mar 12 - 15th.
On my way home, I was casually walking along and noticed something in my path. It MOVED! Come to find out it was a 4' Diamond back rattle snake...Scared the Heck out of me. I went over to Dennis's and Rachel's motor home and told them. They came out and I ran home and got my camera. This is the 5th snake seen so far in just a few days. If camping in the desert, be careful, watch woodpiles, tarps on the ground, etc. AND when going out after dark take a light and something for protection. Bob has a hoe next to the door. I guess I won't be taking Carley out for walks after dusk. Last night I got home after dark after walking her.
We have high wind warnings for tomorrow. We should get winds 20 - 30 miles per hour with gusts to 50 MPH. Good day to stay in a catch on my beading or reading a good book...
Watch for SNAKES!

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