Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter EVE

Easter eve is here...I imagine all my nieces and nephews are helping their kids color eggs today. Then the hunt is on tomorrow to see if they can find them all. My mom and step dad had their Easter last Sunday since my nephew Chuck was in town for spring break. Him and his family live in Easter South Dakota where he is attending school in forestry. So it will be pretty quiet at mom's tomorrow.

I ordered a tent from Cabela's for my summer hiking trips and had it sent to my sisters house in Laramie WY. It got there ok, so now I am ready to go hiking. 3 months from today we begin the hike. I've been doing a lot of walking to condition myself. But the elevation is a lot higher there and I will probably notice it some.

Judy (fulltime roadrunners) took this picture of a desert iguana today. She said he was huge, at least 8 - 10" long from nose to the back end. The tail was probably another 10".

Here is a picture of the hummingbird I just finished. Also I made some ears of corn earrings.

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