Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 19, 2008

Sunday was the usual dump and get water day. I got the water for the trailer and put it in and after Bob got up we dumped the trailer. Carley loves to go on rides so she rode along on this fun chore.

Monday and Tuesday were the usual, working in the check in station till 1pm and then Bob headed off to the rock shop to work on a silver pendant. I stayed home and started another hummingbird. He also went today and worked some more on it. I went over to a friends house and helped her with a hummingbird she is making.

I took this picture of a desert iguana today. Boy, was he ever cool. He is also very fast. After I snapped shots of him, he darted away and was gone in a flash. He was about 1' long from nose to tip of tail. He just stood there while I took some candid shots. There are quite a number of lizards and other reptiles out this year. The heat is bringing them to the surface.

We're bbq-ing sirloin steaks tonight. The wind has died down so they should cook in record time.

Till next time--enjoy life!

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