Sunday, March 23, 2008

Getting closer to leaving

We had a nice Easter dinner at Mountain Quail Cafe today. Bob had the ham dinner and I had the chicken fried steak dinner. There was enough to bring home for supper.. We went for a drive around after dinner and I got some snapshots. Here's a few.

Some cactus's blossoming in yellow and fuchsia.

A grapefruit tree ! ! I wanted to stop and get some grapefruit. Maybe I will ask him if I can have some before I go.

This is the bush that is causing my allergies to flare up. The flowers are blooming so much and I am constantly sneezing...
A lizard once again. And a dove atop a palm tree.
I got some more packed into the trailer and if Bob said "GO", I could be ready to hitch up the trailer and be outta here. We are both itching to get on the road. I am anxious to hike the Grand Canyon and he is ready to do some fly fishing on the San Juan River. Next week it will happen too.
Hope you all had a good Easter.

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