Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feb 27, 2008

1st picture is of Carley with her new haircut and toting a new rawhide chewy...She was enjoying the warm weather today.

Yesterday we checked in 8 people to La Posa North. 2 renews and 6 new people.

I spent the afternoon working on a new hummingbird and finished it this afternoon.

We went to the laundry today and brought home the wet clothes to hang out. They sure smell good after drying on the line.

Judy came over and showed me her flower that she beaded on wire. It is beautiful and she said it wasn't that hard. She is on to another project soon.
Here is a necklace I also finished the other day. There are some spirit beads in the project also...

I had a fire going tonight while Bob was over at Ron and Terry's. Had to leave it as soon as he came home as he wanted to run the generator and watch his millionaire show. It was nice while it lasted.

It got to 82 degrees here today. I talked to my sister, Donna in Laramie, WY., and she said it was in the 40's. She would love to sit out with a fire in 80 degree weather right now.

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