Saturday, March 29, 2008

Last post from Quartzsite

This will be the last post this winter from Q !
We are headed out in the morning, going north. We have the trailer all packed except for a few items we need to put in tomorrow morning. And the dreaded thing of saying goodbye to friends we have spent the winter with.

We're only going as far a Lake Havasu, AZ tomorrow. We will camp in the free BLM area just north of the airport. Then onto the Grand Canyon for a few days.

I won't miss this 90+ degree heat. Tomorrow in Lake Havasu it will be 80 degrees so we'll be fine.

Bob borrowed Thom's compressor today to get the trailer and truck tires aired up. They were all a little low. Then he used his ladder to hop on top of the roof to make sure the solar panels were tightened down good.

He even cleaned out the truck interior, got it all shiny for the trip.

When we worked last Wed. Larry uncovered a scorpion. Of course I had to get a shot of it. They are very fast moving critters and UGLY! This was the first one I have ever seen.
John and Marie left Wed. also. Marie worked at the check in station Wed. and Thur. and John worked across the hwy the same days. I went to Mexico a couple of times with them.
And last but not least---Bob and Ranger Clyde. Bob and him have become good friends over the past 2 winters. Clyde is storing our tent for us this summer and will be glad to see Bob again this fall. I think they are one of a kind. I'll post along the way and keep everyone up to date on our travels back to Wyoming.
Hope everyone has a great summer and safe travels.

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