Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mar 8 2008

I haven't posted for a week and don't have that much news to post with tonight.

Diesel prices are outrageous! It's up to $3.65/gallon. When we leave in 3 weeks, Bob thinks it might top $5/gal. Sure hope not!

I have started walking daily. I try to get at least 5 miles a day and try to increase it daily. My sister, Donna, and I are going to do some hiking this summer. Quite a few day hikes and at least one long hike. We plan to go from Steamboat Springs, Colo to Rawlins, WY. It will be over 100 miles. Got to get in shape for that. Next year we want to start the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. That would be a 5 month backpacking trip. I've got a bid on a day pack on ebay. When I get to Wyo, I will have to get fitted for a larger backpack for the long hike. I am so excited to do this.

Then I have to find a light weight sleeping back and 1 man tent. I will take pictures along the way and a journal so I can post after our hikes.

I finished another hummingbird today. Picture tomorrow!

We had a BLM picnic on Monday with all the camp hosts and volunteers and rangers. It was a great turnout and wonderful food.

We were invited to Larry's and Phyllis's place today for lunch. Several others were there also. Larry made Posole soup with salad & tortilla's. Terry made homemade rolls from scratch and John and Marie made dutch oven peach cobbler. All of it was very tasty.

Bob is working on a ring and pendent at the rock shop. He should be able to cast it Monday afternoon. The stone he is using is Ellenberg. It will be beautiful when it is finished.

We went to Bouse on Thurs. afternoon. We were looking for an arts and crafts fair that was supposed to be there. We didn't find it but I came across this yard that was loaded with these beautiful flowers. They were covering the front yard and back yard.

We then stopped along the way back and took this silly picture of me in front of my favorite cactus.

It's hard to believe that in 3 weeks we will be heading northwest. We will spend a couple days in the Grand Canyon, one day I will hike one of the trails, then onto Navajo Dam NM for 3 weeks. Bob is anxious to do some fly fishing on the San Juan River.

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