Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jan.23rd fun!!!!!!!

Tried to post this last night but kept getting that the blogger was down. Trying again this morning before everyone uses up satellite space..
I worked at the check in station yesterday, only checked in about 75 campers. Most of them are only staying 3-4 days but wanted to stay in the spot closest to the big tent. Not as far to walk.
Exciting day thru the check in point area!! The fire trucks had to come out. A trailer caught on fire!! Someone was going buy and managed to see it and somehow got in the trailer and use the fire extinguisher some before the fire trucks came. No hope for the trailer. Everything was lost. This was very sad. A cat was in the trailer and got his whiskers burned but he is ok. The person that owned it wasn't home and will try to get a replacement in the next few days.

Other bit of news,,,the law enforcement was in full force also. Around 10 units headed back into the desert trying to make a drug bust. Supposedly, there was a meth lab going on back there. Hope we find out more info on that!

Here's a couple of pics we took--enjoy!

Selling sausages at the big tent!
Also, a moose came to town!

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