Thursday, January 18, 2007

End of the 18th

The end of the day,,finally...Bob and I both worked at the check in station, issueing permits for mostly 2 week stays. Bob was putting the permit stickers on the vehicle windshields. He didn't have many chances to get off his feet. We issued over 140 permits for short term parking today. The desert is filling up with campers and they keep coming in!
Because we were both so tired, we opted to go to Otis's place to pick up a take and bake pizza. Too tired to cook!
We had a propane emergency today. It seemed like we were out of propane, but come to find out, we needed to replace both hoses and connections going into the tanks. They were'nt letting the propane out of the tanks to go into the trailer. Bob got that taken care of quickly. Good thing, otherwise we might be having cheese and crackers for supper.
But there is relief in sight,,,tomorrow we both have a day off.

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