Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jan 25th

Not a very busy day today! Bob worked at Tyson Wash check in station from 9am - 5pm. He checked in 23 campers today. The ranger had to go into the camp area and pull out campers that camped without signing in and getting a permit. 3 of them were found.
Traffic was backed up 4 miles south of town waiting to explore the big tent happenings.

I hauled 35 gallons of water from La Posa South. As usual the lines were backed up for the water and dump. 17 units were waiting to dump and only about 5 backed up for water. It was noted by a fellow camper that I was talking to that some of the dumpsters at La Posa South were missing. Dumpster thief???
After waiting in line for water, I managed to get back to the camp site and pump the water into the holding tanks.
This afternoon I watched as a motor coach backed his way into an area about 40 feet from our trailer. We will have to find a new way out of our campsite when we get ready to dump and get water. This will last only about 2 weeks, so it is tolerable.
We're headed over to the POW WOW tomorrow to see all the gems and minerals and equipment for sale. Terry from is going to be going with us. I'm excited about it, since it is the 1st year I'll see it.
A couple of pictures will follow and I will close for the night...
This detailed coach had a pull out BBQ grill and a wide screen TV about it! Talk about fancy!!! The 2nd picture is how some people spend their time here...Stacking rocks???

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