Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jan 26th and 27th

We got off to an early start (9am) and headed to the Pow Wow at the QIA building. We started off there by riding the shuttle from the parking lot to the vendors.

All we needed to finish this ride off was a moonlit starry night, straw in the bed of the wagon pulled by the tractor and a cup of hot chocolate in our hands..Maybe a few snowflakes would perfect it also.

We walked, walked, walked and looked at everything there. Took a break at lunch time and had a Chile cheese dog and coke. Back to looking and walking afterwards. By the time we were thru 5 hours had gone buy. Got some great pictures tho. Met many nice people and saw a bunch of talent out there. Here's some pics of part of the Pow Wow...

Carved tree from an artist.

2nd pic:

Jars and Jars of OPAL stones.

Here's a teardop trailer that they were using to store their good in. We were taller than the trailer...Sure wouldn't be a good thing to be full timing in.

After we got home, we were tired so we just had a fire in the evening, talked with a few neighbors and called it good.

Jan 27th--Today was DUMP day. Got the tank filled, drove to the dump station 3 miles away and saw the LINE. We only waited 1 hour and 15 minutes to dump. Guess everyone else had the same idea this morning. We viewed the Vietnam traveling wall that is in town for a spell. Quite a few people were turning up for the opening ceremony. We then had to take a trailer tire off, it was only flat on the bottom tho...No one in town was open to fix it, so Monday morning,,we'll get there before everyone else does. We stopped by Ron and Terry's place on the way home and talked with them a bit. They had happy hour going and they make some pretty good Margarita's!

We're roasting hot dogs on the camp fire tonight with good old pork and beans. Beautiful outside tonight... Stay happy and healthy and enjoy your weekend. Everyday's a weekend in Quartzsite!!

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