Monday, January 29, 2007

Jan 29th

Another beautiful day in Quartzsite. As the evening closes in we are getting some cloud cover but the temp is just as nice as anyone could ask for.

Our day started out by taking the tire for the trailer to be fixed. We had to leave it at the shop because they were backed up with other repairs. 4 hours later we picked it up. The cause of the flat was a leaky valve stem. When we bought the trailer in Nov. we had them put 4 new tires on because it looked like the old ones had sun damage. It's now on the trailer and still holding air. WHEW!

Tried to get to the post office annex to pick up mail about 10am but there were about 30 people waiting already. Later in the afternoon we managed to have only about 10 in front of us.

It looks like a lot of vendors are moving their wares out. Several campers have also left town today. The traffic in town was low today even compared to yesterday.

We had a visit from our Canadian neighbor, Mitch, tonight. They will be headed to Yuma in the next week or so.
Here's a picture of Carley. She's modeling a sheepskin lined leather coat that was purchased at the Dog House vendor at Rice Ranch. Probably will not be wearing it for a while since the weather took a turn for the better.
Our dinner tonight is baked pork chops, brown rice, corn on the cob and salad. Can you believe we can get corn on the cob in January? Only in Quartzsite!
Till tomorrow---enjoy the evening.

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