Monday, January 22, 2007

Jan 20, 21, & 22

Hello all,

We had computer problems for the past few days, so I'll try to update you for the past 3.

On the 20th, Bob and I worked as volunteers at the main gate coming in to La Posa North, where we are camped. Quite a busy day. Everyone was coming in for the big tent opening that day. Lots of campers are coming in for rallies (Blue Bird coaches, Highway patrol, Escapees, Alfa See Ya, etc. Too many to name them all. Everyone is in great spirits tho.

On the 21st, We had the day off! YEA!! We got up and did laundry at 7am, got home at 9:30am. About 10:30 we headed in to the BIG TENT. Lots of people, lots of vendors selling everything from soup to nuts. There are a lot of vendors recruiting for summer employment. Tried to get Bob to commit to working in Alaska this summer, but I think we will head to Wyoming instead. Maybe next year. There was even a booth taking applications for employment for the nudist camps. Out back of the tent is a large 2 story party barge. They are selling them to put into Lake Powell. Pretty fancy for a boat. It had a hot tub on the top deck! The Party Barge below:::

The show closed early about 2pm because of a severe weather warning. It had been windy all day, so we think it was because of high winds. The Interstate 10 was closed down and truckers were advised to pull over for a short while. We had seen enough in 4 hours tho. We then stopped by Ron and Terry's place ( and talked with them a while.

After that we drove around the different LTVA to see how many campers are parked here. Lots of campers here, quite a few in the free 2 week parking south of town too. This lighted cactus was on top of a truck we spotted.

Jan 22nd---I had to work today. Bob had the day off and was going to run to the post office and get some things from the grocery store. He said the lines in town were terrible. He had to wait at least 45 minutes in each line, plus the waiting for traffic to crawl thru. At the check in station we had about 70 people check in. We didn't have too bad of a day. After the day was over, Bob was the chef for the evening. He bbq-ed the best hamburgers. Was mighty tasty.

Next we are going to watch the premier of Prison Break. I missed a few episodes last fall while traveling out to Arizona.

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