Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hello All

Hello All,,,

If you don't know, things are very busy here. Yesterday I went out to the Dome Rock area, about 7 miles west of here, to do some metal detecting for Gold and on the way back along the frontage road I got trapped in the traffic. It was a 1 hour and 45 min. trip for a 2 mile journey.

Previous to the prospecting trip I went to the Library, not to bad about 45 min., got some propane about a 45 min deal and got an onion for hamburger -bq about 45 min. Better be ready to stand in line and wait if you want to go or do anything in Quartzstie right now.......

Sandy made Taco's last night and this evening we -bq ed a steak, mashed potato's, carrots and pumpkin pie. Great Deal!!!!!!!!!!!

I worked with the BLM today and Sandy installed a new faucet in the kitchen sink, need to do a little more work on that one. There was an accident on Hwy. 95 North, a 35 mile an hour speed zone but the guy flipped his truck several times,,so hard to tell how fast he was going.

Sandy and I went to the "Big Tent" on Sunday and filled out several cards for prizes that they were giving away. While I was at work today Princess Cruises called and said that we had won a DVD Player, so Sandy went over and retrieved our prize....

We have some great new Neighbors from B.C. Canada. They came over for a visit this evening and we told them that we could help them in dumping and hauling water. Most of the information we learned from Ron & Terry at "Some really great people" Go to their site for good information that will help you Boondock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is lots of fun and you can do it. There are lots of great people here in the Desert that that will help in any way that they can. Let us know if you need help or information and we will do our best to help..!

Bob & Sandy

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