Monday, January 26, 2009


Here's Henry...I had to make sure the camera was working good..And he didn't even break it!!!

Oshkosh, NE on a Sunday afternoon.
We are having horrible weather here. Today is is around 7 degrees above zero. Tonight when I got off work, it was ZERO...Too cold for me...We have about 8" of snow on the ground also. It was a bad day for calving. We had 2 calves born and got them ear tagged. Henry noticed a calf on the other side of the fence that had been born yesterday. He evidently couldn't get back across and he was so cold. We loaded him up in the truck and turned the heater on high, he was so cold. We then scouted for more calves and found one at the other end of the corn field. He was new born and not doing well. Well, he took a place on my lap and we headed back to the house. Henry brought them inside and we got them under a heat lamp. Elton tubed them, putting warm liquid into them. He was going to get them to the barn after they start reviving.
Picture of some ewes weathering out the snow..

I have a couple lambs I'm feeding till the ewe starts producing milk. One is so small, she doesn't even look like a lamb. But she is thriving and drinking milk replacer. She doesn't eat much but tries hard. Her sibling is doing great, drinking milk replacer with gusto. Here are the 2 lambs I'm feeding with me in my work uniform..

We have been breaking ice in water tanks, feeding the animals well to get them thru the cold spell.
I have been making quite a few greeting cards since I got my Cricut card machine. Bob told me to order another cartridge for it for my birthday. I have one coming in the mail.
I now have to do my taxes. I received my W-2's today and will file as soon as I get new printer cartridge for my printer. Don't know if I'll get any back or not.
Hope everyone is staying warm! The sunset at the end of the day.

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