Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feb 4, 2009

Not too much to post these days. We've been having some warmer weather, it was 64 degrees today.
We moved heifers that are calving, to a corral near the house. They will be easier to watch if problems arise. We have had a couple heifers have some hard times with the first calf.
I am now feeding 4 lambs. The mothers don't have enough milk and I have to supplement them. They are so cute and know when it is time to eat.
I am now going to work every morning for a while till lambing season ends. We have to get the barn ready and shop ready for 110 ewes to lamb. On Feb. 20th we will have the shearer out to get all the ewes sheared.
Bob is going to be going to work tomorrow at 5:15am. He was asked to be a flagger up by Bridgeport. There was a train derailment and the cleanup needs flaggers. So, gotta pack a lunch and lots of water for Bob tomorrow.
Have a good week!

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