Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oct 4

Hello all,

We are packing up and getting ready to leave Wyoming on Monday Oct. 8th. The summer has gone fast probably only because I worked most every day.

Bob had some good times fishing and hunting with Karl and Justin (his kids).
This is Karl with a 20" cutthroat caught in the North Platte river.

We've had snow and a lot of rain since I last posted. Lots of hunters have been staying in the cabins and RV spots. There have been a lot of antelope, deer and a few elk harvested. Also one moose was taken the other day.

A pic of a moose I saw up at the boy scout camp. Her calf was hiding in the bushes to the right. We actually saw 4 moose this day. The 2nd picture is of the Laramie River with the color changing of the fall leaves. It is really beautiful around here right now.

Snow forcasted for this weekend so we hope we can get out of here by Monday. Almost everything is packed away, just need to put the slides in, hook up and GO!

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