Monday, October 29, 2007

Oct 29

Boy was it hot today. It got up to 98 degrees about 3pm when I was in town. I think I was melting!
We went to town to do laundry. Always a fun thing to do when it is so hot out. Afterwards we had lunch at Taco Mio. They have good food. While we were there, Dave Peterson walked in. I took many faceting classes with him last year. He has been in Q for a week now. It was nice to talk to him. He told us of all the classes that are starting up at the rock club.

Bob took a long nap this afternoon and I went back to town and got my hair chopped off. Our dog Carley has a hair appt. tomorrow at 8am. She was really feeling the heat today too.

We got the trailer filled up with water for the next week. Bob has to get up on top of the trailer and get our solar panels cleaned off and tilted to the sun. Maybe he can do that tomorrow.

Right now he's over at Ron and Terrys swapping stories.

Here's a picture of Carley with her teddy bear.
Also a pic of a dragon fly that landed on our antenna. Looks like he has a good grip on it.

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