Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oct 28

We had a beautiful sunrise this morning and by accident I deleted the wrong picture. Here's one anyway, not the prettiest of the 2.

We headed to Sedona today. Took a ride up to Red Rocks State park before going into Sedona. It's nice there and they have a great visitors center. We took a picnic lunch with us and ate in the park.

After finally finding a parking place in Sedona (that was a chore, the parking lots were almost too small for our Dodge 2500), we headed out to look at the many shops. There were people everywhere! There was a shop for everything under the sun. Bob especially liked the Cowboy shop. He said he could have stayed in there all day to listen to the old country music that was playing. We wandered, looked in a lot of the shops. We found a candle store called the Sedona Candle Gallery, Inc. A guy was demonstrating candle making. He was dipping round candles in different colors of wax, cooling them and re dipping. After that he would carve different scenes on them and when they are lit, they glow and show all the different colors. We ended up buying one...You can go to to look at them. Pretty nice gifts for someone...Bob said this was my Halloween gift. Before this I didn't know we did Halloween gifts...I'm happy with it tho. Bob just took this picture of it.
On the way home from Sedona the traffic came to a halt. Cop cars everywhere! After we finally got moving again and went by the scene we noticed a travel trailer about 26' long was overturned on its side. The truck that pulled it was facing the opposite direction and the trailer the other direction. There were some scared looks on the people in the tow truck. What a tragedy for those folks. So be careful out there everyone!

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