Sunday, August 19, 2007

Aug 19th

Bob and I took a ride up to the Snowy Range the other day. Our friend, Tom Craig, from Quartzsite is the campground host at Lincoln Park campground off the Snowy Range Road. As we were driving up there, we noticed closer to the top of the range, the beetle kill was playing havoc with the pine trees. Instead of the beautiful green trees, you will notice the brown infested trees.

Also, as we took off toward the campground we spotted this sign. There are a lot of moose in the area.

Further down the road, someone had decorated a pine tree with Christmas decorations. I thought it was a bright spot in the road for August.

Snowy range pictures!!!
Ron and Terry ( came from Iowa and landed at Woods Landing on Friday night. We had them for supper last night, along with my folks from Cody. This morning, my folks and my sister and family from Laramie met me at the cafe here and we had a nice breakfast.

My family, left to right--Jim, Dave, Donna(sis), John, Shirley (mom)
We have been getting afternoon thundershowers almost every afternoon. Sure does cool it down nice after being in the 80's in the morning.

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