Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oct 14

We arrived at Navajo Dam on Thurs. Between Moab, UT and here there was again a lot of traffic. We got backed into the campsite ok, Bob did a great job. The downside--we got a reserved campsite right next to the garbage dump and they won't empty it till Tues. When the wind blows north, it isn't to fresh smelling.
Bob went fishing yesterday afternoon..He caught 2 brown trout. This is the first fishing of this stay at Cottonwood campground on the San Juan River. They were both approx. 15". Only got one photo. It was nice to get some dry fly action on the San Juan after fishing small nymphs last spring. Both were caught on a #20 Parachute Adams.
We'll see what the river holds this afternoon.
The colors are readily changing making this a beautiful place.
I will send pictures next post!

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