Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 25

Today was the big auction day. We had cool weather in the 50's and it was overcast. There was a pretty good crowd and I think it went well. Some things went high and some low so it evened out pretty well. The auction lasted until 1pm.
I went to the ranch and fed lambs afterwards then did chores this evening.
2 heifers with heifer calves were being picked up tonight by a buyer from Colorado. The brand inspector had to come out and health certificates had to be faxed over from the vet. He was showing up about 6:30 pm to take them home.

I got a call from a guy in Sutherland today (1 1/2 hrs away). That was the place we picked up lumber that my boss bought at an auction last weekend. There were some glass blocks that they didn't know if they sold. Well, he called and said they didn't sell and I could buy them. I got them at a super price and will head down that way tomorrow to pick them up. It is a nice drive and will take up part of my day. I'm going to drill a hole in the side, fill them with miniature Xmas lights, wrap ribbon around them and try to sell them at a craft fair or booth. I got one for Christmas this year and just love it. I have it plugged in all the time and it is just beautiful. I know, just what I need is another craft project!!!

Our week at work will be busy next week. We will be taking sheep to Ft Collins to sell and deliver bulls that sold at the bull sale. So, more sorting of sheep and cattle!

I think the week will be a bit cooler again. I was getting used to the 80 degree weather we had last week. But my farmer tan is starting to show up. The wind just kicked up pretty good tonight.
Hope your weekend will be great!

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