Monday, April 6, 2009

April 7, 2009

We survived the weekend blizzard. Saturday it snowed but mostly blew snow. We had a hard time feeding the animals, couldn't find the white ones to easily. The winds blew up to 40 mph and it sure was cold.
Today it turned nice in the afternoon. I was working in my shirtsleeves.
We've still been having a few lambs and calves. None were born in the blizzard tho.

I'm headed to Cody, Wy this weekend. I might leave Thursday and get part of the way. It is about 500 miles. It will be nice to see my family for Easter.

We're getting ready for the auction on the 25th. I've been organizing things in the garage. Bob still has to take a load or two over to his kids house to store. I don't know when he will do that.

I'm going to work at the ranch till about the middle of May and then go to WYO.

Hope everyone is enjoying the spring time weather.

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