Thursday, April 2, 2009

ELK, donkeys and llamas

I worked until noon today. Afterward, since it was so nice outside (55 degrees with no wind) I decided to head out of town about 3 miles and take some pictures. There is an elk ranch where people can book elk hunts and the elk were up close enough for me to take some pictures. Some have lost their antlers but a couple still have theirs. They just watched as I snapped pictures and weren't a bit scared.

On the way up there, I noticed some miniature donkeys in a field with some woolly llamas.

Here's a picture of a pheasant I saw. There are a lot of them out this year. Mostly they live in the corn fields where there is plenty to eat.

AND---on the river---A DUCK!
Enjoy the pics!

Well, I tried to download pics but when I went to look at them on the blog, it was just #'s and letters. Ron, what is going on with that? Email me!

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