Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Feb 12, 2008

On Feb. 9th I enjoyed my birthday. Bob took me out to breakfast at the Mountain Quail Cafe. Great food there. We then took a drive over to Blythe and washed the truck and got a latte at Starbucks. We headed back on the interstate, turned off at Erinberg and headed to Parker. It is a pretty drive that way. We stopped in Parker at Bashes for groceries then headed home.

Bob got the grill going for dinner and he grilled some wonderful New York Strips. Besides the good food, the weather was great and we also enjoyed a nice fire.

Sunday was laundry day again and dump day for the trailer. Always fun chores.

Monday and Tuesday we worked at the check in station. We only had 3 registrations on Monday and so far today no one has checked in. Sure makes the day long. But I take the computer and do things on it. Bob has almost finished reading his book that he started yesterday.

Tomorrow we will check out the vendors to see how many have left town. On Sunday we also went to Tyson Wells vendors. Judy called me and asked me if I wanted some craft wire. She found a vendor who was leaving the next day and had a wonderful price on some. I got a box of 12 spools, 24 gauge wire for $5.00. I usually pay $5.00 a spool at a craft store in town. I made a great deal on this wire. Thanks again Judy!!!

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