Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Apr 1-11

We have been at Cottonwood Campground outside of Navajo Dam, NM since March 29th. We have electric and water we pump in nearby. Great way to camp. The weather was great for a few days but lately it has been windy and cold.

On Easter Sunday we had the pleasure of going over to Ron's and Terry's place for dinner. We had a great meal of ham, scalloped potatoes and dutch oven baked lima beans. We toasted to great friends over a glass of wine. This was the first time I had ever been able to eat Easter dinner outdoors. It was wonderful and the company was fantastic.
We have gone out fly fishing a few times. Bob and Terry have gone out more than me. Terry is doing really great---he manages to catch something almost every time he goes out. Today after they came back, he was lucky enough to catch 5 trout...What a record...Bob did good also and said he caught 2 trout. All of them were about 15" fish. I haven't been lucky enough yet.
Here's a picture of Terry and Bob contemplating the San Juan River.

The other day I went down to the picnic area by myself, had my hip waders on, waded into the river and instantly got cold feet! My one wader had a leak. So I trudged back home and borrowed some sealer from Terry and hopefully fixed the leak.

Monday we headed to Durango to have a look around. It is a great town, lots of shops in the historic part of town. We didn't see the train running at this time of year.
After having lunch at a Chinese restaurant, we took a drive up to Cortez. It is beautiful mountainous country. Also quite a climb up the mountain. We have decided that we will go back thru Farmington and up to Shiprock then up to Cortez instead of trying to make the climb from Durango. Next week we will be headed to Moab UT. for a couple of weeks.
Snow showers are predicted tomorrow...Guess I won't be fishing tomorrow either.

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