Friday, April 20, 2007

April 20

There was some excitement either late last night or early this morning. The park ranger came around to talk to all the campers saying that someone had broken into the pay box where we put our campsite money. They were checking to make sure when we paid and how long we were staying. Until they get the new boxes up, they will be collecting money by hand from campers. We were lucky and had put our money in on Wed. and it had been collected and taken to the office.
Today was also dump day. We managed to get the gray and black water dumped and then used Terry's hose and filled the water tanks back up. Hopefully that will hold us till we get to Moab, UT.
Then Bob headed to town to get groceries. He did well! I was pleasantly surprised at the food he brought home. We will be eating very good for a while.
Terry and him then went out fishing for a couple of hours. Neither of them were successful today.
We spent some time talking with Ron and Terry while gazing into the campfire that Ron already had going when Bob and Terry got back from fishing.
I headed home before Bob to get supper started. Tonight we're having spaghetti, salad and garlic bread.
We're supposed to get some rain showers and wind tonight. I made sure that I had all the top vents closed on the trailer. Wouldn't that be a mess to wake up to if I left them open. Tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy and possible rain showers. We'll see about fishing!

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