Sunday, April 15, 2007

Apr 15

We have had some cooler weather the past few days. It rained on Thur and Fri. Bob and Terry went fishing and got snowed on. Both have been successful in catching fish.
A couple pictures of the San Juan River. The first picture is by the Texas Hole. It is a great spot where a lot of the guides put their boats in and a lot of fish are caught. We spotted a fly fisherman yesterday that broke his tip off his pole. He just took the pole apart, used the bottom half of his pole and we saw him catch several fish. Fisherman do know how to adapt! Bob, Terry and I went out yesterday and Terry had 2 fish on but Bob and I got skunked. It was a beautiful day and is going to be nice again today. So this afternoon we will go out and try again.
I filled the water tank this morning before the campground got stirring. Bob and I have decided to stay another week before heading up to Moab. We just love this area and hate to leave.
IF we catch fish today, I will make another post tonight!

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