Saturday, March 31, 2007

March 28 - 30

Mar 28--Well, finally after spending a week at the Grand Canyon and getting the truck fixed we were able to pull up stakes and head east. A pic of the Grand Canyon on the way out of the east entrance. Pictures don't do it justice. But it is one of the 7 wonders of the world!

We didn't have to get the ECM module put in the truck so that saved us a ton of money. It was snowing slightly when we left this morning. We headed to a little town of Kayenta, Az. About 25 miles north of the town is Monument Valley, UT. It is a great place to see once. We stopped at the police station asking about campgrounds. There were none in Kayenta so they said just to stay at Basha's parking lot. This is a chain of grocery stores in Az. We unhooked the trailer and went sightseeing. Here's a picture of one of the sites at Monument Valley.
We spent the night in the parking lot but were surprised at the number of stray dogs roaming around the lot. At one time we counted 9 dogs, just looking for handouts. When I took our dog outside, I had Bob go with me in case they decided to attack. Three of them started circling us and Bob chased them away with a walking stick. Kinda scary tho.
We woke the next morning to find about 4 inches of snow outside. As the sun came out it started melting pretty fast but for a while the parking lot was a sheet of ice. We had a dickens of a time getting the snow off the slide. Good thing we only put one of them out the night before.
We then headed down the road to 4 corners. It's the only place in the US that 4 states meet together. There were lots of Indian vendors selling pottery and jewelry also. Here's BOB standing in 4 states at one time. After spending time there, on the road again.
We drove East once again! Headed to Navajo Dam, NM to meet up with Ron and Terry who we became good friends with in Quartzsite. We got a call from them on the way, they gave us directions to get to the Cottonwood Campsite just below the dam. I was driving, taking direction from Bob. We drove the truck by -pass thru Farmington and somehow missed the turn to Aztec. We headed up the mountain road to Navajo Dam. Talk about a twisty, narrow road. And I was pulling a 34' 5th wheel trailer! When we got to the dam, I pulled off and told Bob I couldn't drive across the dam. It was narrow and no guard rails, straight down on both sides. He cautiously drove the truck and camper across. We turned into a big parking lot on the other side & had to turn around to head down the other side. I jumped back in the drivers seat and brought us in to the campsite. It was a shaky experience. Now that I have driven that road, I feel confident I can drive anywhere! As we got to the campsite, Ron and Terry came out to greet us. Terry was nice enough to back the trailer into the site and get us situated. Here's our campsite... It is a great spot, afternoon sun, electric, water available and covered picnic table.
The next morning I took a stroll down to the San Juan River. It is really beautiful here.
Terry and Ron helped us set up our satelite dish. Talk about roughing it when we are camping...I probably couldn't go back to camping in a tent after being this spoiled. Terry brought over some homemade rolls tonight also. They were soooo good... Thanks Terry!!!
Hopefully this morning, Sat.,we will be able to get fishing licenses and catch the Blue Ribbon trout. San Juan River picture where I'll be fishing!

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