Sunday, April 22, 2007

April 22

Today we went for a ride and ended up finding a herd of elk. Of course they were contained and being raised by some local people. They weren't even spooked when I went up to the fence to take their pictures. This was just outside of Navajo Dam, NM in Blanco.

After that we went across the road to the local winery. Here is a picture of the local mascot at the winery. We talked to the owners and found out that they have had it for 6 years and love doing it. It is a family operation run by the folks and their 5 children and grandchildren. They have 2 1/2 acres of grapes they harvest with 21 varieties grown. They import most of their grapes from southern NM and up by Grand Junction Colo. They produce about 3000 cases of wine per year which is 36,000 bottles per year. That's quite a bunch for a small winery. We got to taste a couple of the wines and had to buy 2 bottles. They have a couple special wines they produce, Blue Wing Olive and Pale Morning Dun because of the great fly fishing in the San Juan River.

Bob and Terry went fishing to their favorite spot on the river this afternoon. Terry caught 1 fish and Bob hooked 4 fish. I trekked on down to the river close to the campground and fished for a bit till the wind came up.

Ron and Terry came over for a chat around the campfire. They are leaving the campsite tomorrow headed east. We will sure miss having them as neighbors. But we will see them again in August when they pass thru headed to Idaho. They will see us at the Northfork campground above Centennial, WY where we will be camp hosting for the summer.

This will be our last post until we get to Moab, UT as we will not have internet connection. But that will happen on Wed of this week.

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