Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April 18

Today we re-upped on our campsite for another week. We will stay till the 25th. It is so nice here that we don't want to leave.
It looks like Ron and Terry will be leaving on the 23rd.

The past few days Terry and Bob have been going out fishing. Terry did very good yesterday and caught 6 fish. The day before Bob caught 5 fish. It is definitely a competition between the two. The only thing I caught when I went to the river yesterday was a tree limb and lost a fly. I also ran into a snake about 2 feet long. I just moved him to the side of the road with the tip of my pole. But it was fun and I was the only one fishing on this side of the river. It started to get windy and I pulled up stakes.

Bob tried to fish today but the wind was so bad he wasn't able to land any fish. We took a ride up to Navajo Lake today and looked at the campgrounds. We wouldn't be able to get our 34" trailer in any of the sites. It's mostly for smaller campers. Picture of Navajo Lake, it is really a beautiful place.

Bob headed over to Ron & Terry's place tonight. Ron copied some new material on a disk for him. During the time he was over there, Terry came knocking on the door. He handed me a plate of homemade peanut butter cookies. I had to sample one before Bob got home and they were delicious!!! Thanks Terry!!!
Tonight I cooked a pot roast in the cast iron dutch oven with onions, celery, carrots and potatoes. It turned out great, very tasty and moist.
The camp host here at Cottonwood campground has been busy the last couple of days mowing the lawns between the campsites. He will probably have at least 2 more days of mowing before he is done.
The Iris's are starting to show their heads. Hope they bloom before we take off.

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