Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cool day today

We start off the day with some pics of the volunteers who run the LPN check in station. The first pic is me and Mike, then Alice and Chuck and Barb and Jim.

It was only 37 degrees this morning. Lots of RV heaters were running trying to keep these snowbirds warm.
Mike and I got the generators out yesterday and changed the oil in his and mine. Heck, Mikes even fired right up after he filled it with gas!

We worked on his tent area yesterday making several trips to K & B tools to get rope, clamps and fasteners. The entire tent area is enclosed now and with a couple portable heaters, it will be toasty. He brought a pool table over last week, has a bar and popcorn machine so it's party time. So MDA's Get-a-Way is officially open! Come over and join the fun..

The BLM had a meeting with all the volunteers on Tues. We went over the rules and regs. of the volunteer positions, etc. After the meeting we had a potluck, with the BLM supplying chicken and soft drinks.

Yesterday there were very strong winds. We are getting a cold spell too. I thought it was supposed to be warm in Arizona. That's one of the reasons I came down here.

This vehicle pulled into the parking area the other day. It is a German "man" Mercedes vehicle.

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