Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dec. already

December is here already! Last week Mike and I went to Phoenix and got some things done. He picked up a propane heater for the LP tank for the MDA Get-a-way tent. It already takes the chill off while sitting there during the evening.
I moved my 5er on Thurs. night over tho Mikes and Steve's tent area. It has provided a wind block on the east side. We have tiki torches at the entrance and are creating a Quartzsite Survivor entryway.
Barb and Jim have come over a couple of times to join us in the evening. A potluck was held on Fri. night at the camp hosts tent. Jay and Cathy served roast beef, taters, gravy, salads and desert. It was wonderful. After we joined everyone at the fire pit.
I had to get 2 truck batteries for my dodge 2500 yesterday. It wouldn't hold a charge and then just wouldn't start on Fri. morning. Those batteries are spendy!
I'm going to help Mike tonight with his tents. The ropes have to be tightened and we need to put tarps on the inside to keep the cold out from below. We are also going to put up 2 rain gutters for the rains coming tomorrow. Of course we will have the spouts going away from Mikes motor home and catch the rainwater on the other side.
There is another potluck on Friday again. Sue Ellen is making her famous Chicken and Dumplings. We will fill in the gaps with our favorite sides. There are a lot of good cooks in the desert!
Since I got my satellite hooked up, I will be able to watch The Amazing Race tonight.
There are more and more vendors showing up but the campers still aren't flooding in like the previous years.
I'm only working 3 - 5 hour days at the Grubstake restaurant and the tips are low.
Hope everything picks up soon...Might have to get a 3rd job just to make ends meet...
Have a great week!

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