Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another work day

I'm working at the check in station today. So far at noon we've only had one couple check in.
Last week I worked at the Grubstake restaurant. Both Thurs. and Fri. were so slow. I got sent home 2 hours early on Friday and tips were not good. It will pick up as more people winter in Q.
Laundry day is always on Tues. I can also use the computer at the laundromat, so I get caught up on my emails.
Also on Tues. afternoon there was a music jam at La Posa South. It was interesting to listen to all the talented folks down here playing and singing.

I took a couple pictures of some unique trailers here in the desert.

The first one is one a lady owns. She takes broken down trailers, strips then down and repaints and rebuilds the interior. The 3rd picture is one that has a wind turbine with it. The 4th is a new model with a loft.

We are planning on Thanksgiving down here at the host's campsite. They are furnishing turkey and dressing and we will all bring side dishes. I think I might just make some homemade rolls.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone this year, new friends and old ones...


Gypsy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

Mari said...

Those loft trailers sure look odd! I miss your smiles, and hope for a visit if S & I get south next month! Thanks for being better at blogging than me!