Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 30

Today my friend Jane and I decided to go to Ft. Collins, CO for the garage sales. We hit the jackpot! After getting up at 5am and being to her house in Laramie at 6:30am we were on our way. We got a latte and headed down the road. After we got there we found a Community Garage Sale in a sub-division. There were about 6 block by 6 blocks of garage sales, maybe every 2 -3 houses. My find of the day was a Showtime Rotisserie (set it and forget it). It was brand new and I got it for $7.00. What a steal. The second deal was a Kelty Backpack. It is only a year old and used once by a girl that took it to New Zealand last year.
Jane got a brand new WOK, a pendulum clock and a set of 7 beautiful bowls made in Italy. We were both happy with the day.
We had lunch of salad and soup at Olive Garden. Yummy!
We also went to Petco for dog tags for the dogs.
On the way home, we got hit by a hard rain storm. We all of a sudden noticed that there were so many cars on the highway headed to Colo. After I got home, I found out that I-80 from Laramie to Cheyenne, WY had to be closed due to a large hail storm. It ended up being 1 1/2' of hail on the highway and the snow plows had to be called out to clear it off.
Pretty wild for the end of May.
I've got cabins to clean tomorrow then work in the cafe till close. Have a great evening.

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