Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 20

Yesterday I hooked up the 5er and said goodbye to my friends and employers at the ranch. I went on the road to Scottsbluff, NE. I took the trailer in to get summer-ized. They flushed out all the lines and fixed the refrigerator and water heater. The fridge wouldn't ignite to the propane and they took it apart to find it was corroded. It is working like a champ now. Chemical was put into the holding tanks to clean the sensors. It didn't work all the way after heading down the road to Laramie.
I arrived in Laramie and stayed at my sisters house for the night since I didn't get there till 6pm. She had supper ready and a nice soft bed for me to sleep in.
This morning I headed up the road 25 miles to Woods Landing. I now have the 5er hooked up for the summer, just have to fill the tanks with water. Might get that done tomorrow.
It's good to be back here for the summer, but I will miss my friends and animals in Nebr.
It was 100 degrees in Scottsbluff yest, and today here in Woods Landing it got to 68. Wonderful weather!
Tomorrow, I'm going on a hike with my sister, Donna. We will hike a 4 mile trail the opposite way we hiked it last year. Uphill this time. I just tried on my hiking pants and none of them fit!!! YIKES... After the hike, I will have to buy a couple pair for future hikes. I lost 35 pounds over the winter and 5 pant sizes. I look better and feel great...Lots more energy too.
After the hike tomorrow, I will have dinner with my friend of 30 years, Jane! She is making Shrimp Curry. It is the best!
Then either on Fri or Sat I will go to Ogden Canyon to visit friends for a couple days that camped in Quartzsite and I got to know them well. I am anxious to see them.
I will start work here about June 1st.
Have a great Memorial day weekend and drive safe if you travel.

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Gypsy said...

I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend as well. I'm a little envious of having someone to hike with. Enjoy it!