Friday, May 29, 2009

May 29th

I had to run to town today to get some paperwork. But got bad news when I took the paperwork back in. Oh well, It will work out somehow.
Harley, my Cairn Terrier, loves to travel, so he was sitting on the console the whole way just watching the scenery fly by. He's got this thing about cars passing us. He barks and chases it from inside the truck. Strange little dog!
Jane and I are headed to Ft Collins Colo tomorrow at 6:30am to go to garage sales. Then at noon time, Olive Garden will get a visit from us. We have to go to Pet Smart and get new dog tags for the dogs.
We had rain showers here today. It smells so good after the rain and I love walking in it when it is coming down lightly.
The campground has 4 campers tonight and 3 cabins and the guest house have been rented out. I'll start cleaning cabins on Sunday and then work in the cafe in the afternoon. My summer work has begun and I just love it here.
The high school graduation was this afternoon in Laramie. It didn't seem to busy when I was in town tho.
Have a great weekend!

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