Sunday, March 1, 2009

Find of the day!

I went to Sidney to get a few things today. My kitchen drain is plugged up, so drain cleaner and a plunger was top priority. After visiting Cabela's, Walmart, and Safeway I was headed out of town on Hwy 30, drove past a mini mart that sells gas and diesel and had to do a double take and turn around. I pulled in and immediately had to fill the diesel truck up. I only paid $20 to fill it. That was the cheapest in 2 years I believe. Here's proof!
Can you believe it? $1.96 for diesel when we are still paying $2.29 in Oshkosh...
I was so happy that even the clogged drain is no longer a bother!
We're to have weather in the high 60's this week. Spring is on the way... Next weekend is Daylight savings time except for you lucky people in Arizona.
Hope you have a great weekend!!

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