Friday, February 27, 2009

Where's spring?

On Tues. and Wed. the weather got up to 60 degrees. We got to shed the coveralls and jackets and work in our shirtsleeves. The fence in the alley finally got finished because the ground had thawed and we were able to dig post holes without a lot of effort. We got some cattle sorted, banded some ram lambs and really enjoyed the nice weather.
Yesterday was another story. The temps dropped to 30 with a light wind. It was pretty cold. Chores were done morning and night but other than that, I spent the day at home.
My mom called me the other day and asked us to come up to Cody, WY for Easter on April 12th. I would have to take 3 days off because it takes between 9 - 10 hours to get there from here. I talked with Bob about it and he said it would cost too much so I couldn't go. I only see my mom and sister who lives in Riverton once or twice a year so I really want to go. My other sister from Laramie will be going also. I have a nephew in Sheridan that will come down also.
Bob is planning a fishing trip with his kids soon. I think they will go up around Thermopolis to fish.
Today at work we will fertility test the bulls that are going to the sale. It is supposed to be cold today, so we might have to set posts and panels in the shop area. That will take 2 - 3 hours to complete before we're ready for the vet to begin on the bulls.
Monday will be the ultrasound on the bulls and heifers.
Hope you all have a safe and happy weekend!

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