Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another nice day

Today will be up in the 70's again. It will last thru tomorrow and then this weekend promises rain or snow and down into the 30's. I'm sure getting tired of the cold weather coming back to visit.
Yesterday we got the shop area ready to put ewes in that will be lambing as soon as next week. We got some calves moved to another pen, Holly the milk cow was changed to a different pen.
Two loads of cattle were taken to the livestock market which will be held today.
After chores today, we will go to the north pasture and separate calves from cows and bring the calves home. We've had a couple new calves born in the last 2 days.
We haven't heard any more on the parties interested in buying our house. Hopefully something will happen soon. We have to think of getting ready to be out of here next month. Plus if we have an auction, we want to have it a week before we take off for Wyoming.
I talked to Mom the other day and she now has 13 bum lambs she is feeding. I will be going up at Easter time so I'll be able to help her with chores.
Hope you all have a great day! Enjoy the weather Arizonians!

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