Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oct 12

Hello from Nebraska! We won't be going to Quartzsite Arizona this fall due to having to reclaim our house in Oshkosh Nebraska. The renter failed to pay rent and we had her evicted and are now living in the house. Breaks my heart to have to stay here and not be with my friends in the south. During the month of August and September, Bob came over and spent a lot of time at the house. I came over several times and we spent a lot of time in the court room trying to get some of the money back that was owed. The judge ruled in our favor so now comes the hard part, getting the money. If necessary, we will take her to court again..
My sister, Donna, and I spent a lot of time this summer on hikes. We only completed one overnight hike. That was the tough one! We each carried about a 33# pack on our backs and the hike was tough. But we made it and I felt good about it. Our longest was the Thursday before I moved over to Oshkosh. We went on an 11 mile hike. It took about 6 1/2 hours. One spot was tricky, we had to cross a ravine that had been washed out and only a small log across it. I froze in the middle but eventually made it across. The next 2 days were kinda tough, the muscles I hadn't used in a while sure talked to me.
Since moving to Oshkosh, I got a job working with a rancher and his wife. They were friends before and asked me to help them. I am helping with lambing, calving, chores, fencing and general ranch stuff. I am dog tired at night but sure sleep great.
I'll send pictures when I get some of the lambs we are getting every day.
Miss everyone in Q!

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