Sunday, August 17, 2008

We're back

It's time to start posting on the blog again.

We have some changes this year. Bob and I are going to be moving back into our house in Oshkosh, Ne in about a month. We had to evict our renter and now have to get it back in order to put back on the market to sell. I will miss going to Quartzsite so much. Hopefully we won't spend too much time there and can still get down there. Bob thinks that we will spend the whole winter there. I don't even have any winter clothes and we will encounter quite a bit of snow very soon.

We had snow flurries at 8500 feet a couple days ago. At Woods Landing we are at 7600 feet. We also have been having a lot of rain and cooler weather. This morning it was only 37 degrees.

A couple weeks ago, I went to Cody WY to help my sisters with a surprise birthday party for my mom. She turned 75 this year. She was not expecting it and really enjoyed the party.

I also met up with a couple old classmates that I hadn't seen since 1972 and we got reacquainted. We had a great time, taking a 6 mile float trip down the Shoshone river. We got totally soaked since we were in the front seats of the raft.

Here's a pic of my sis and I before we headed out on a 2 day hike. Also a pic of the Snowy Range above Laramie, WY.
I'm headed over to Oshkosh, NE tomorrow to take a few things over to the house. We have to go to small claims court for the 2nd time to get some more back rent owed by the renter. Seems like it never ends.

I'll be posting more now that I will be getting Internet all the time.

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