Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lambs, lambs and more lambs

At the ranch, where I'm working, we have babies all over the place. Also a pic of the water tower with the beautiful sunset.
23 ewes have lambed and we have about that many left to lamb. We've had to pull 5 lambs and have lost 3 lambs. Also lost a calf the other day.
We're doing fence rebuilding now so we can wean spring calves and get the cows onto new pasture.
One of the hired hands will be leaving the end of the week for a month so we are trying to get all these things done before he leaves.
I have learned how to drive the bobcat and the tractor now. It was a little intimidating at first but now, it's just fun!
I got a phone call from Phyllis who is in Quartzsite last night. It was good to talk with her. She said the count of people coming in is down about 25 from last year.
Today, I have the day off and I'm headed to Chappel to pick up a friend and we are going to the Pumpkin patch. Need some decorations for Halloween...

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