Saturday, March 10, 2007

March 10

Saturday the 9th Bob and I went out southwest of town to do some more prospecting. We got out there about 11am when it was really starting to get warm--a mere 84 degrees. He prospected about 2 hours and found some copper casings from bullets. I found some crystals still in the rock formations. After we got home about 3pm, he decided he was going to go out to Dome Rock just west of town. He got home about 4:30 and panned out some dirt he worked on up there. He tried 3 tries to get this to produce something at Dome Rock. He found GOLD!!!

Here are some pics of the desert starting to bloom.

On Sat. the 10th we headed out into the desert once again. This time we were headed northwest looking for desert roses. We found quite a few and I looked on the internet for a description and found out they are called chalcedony minerals. It was an interesting time and we spent about 4 hours out there.

Here's a picture of the desert roses. We're going to take the small ones and embed them into our walking sticks. Also a pic of Jim, Bob, Phyllis and Larry...

Early this morning I got some pictures of the sunrise. It is as beautiful as the sunset tonight. Left--sunrise...Right--sunset... They are beautiful here...

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