Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mar 11 - 15

We encountered a sewer problem on when we were going to dump the black water out of the trailer. Only a small bit came out and we knew that wasn't right. Larry Seal came over and tried to force some water up the pipe and break the blockage. After a couple of tries and that not working, we had to call "Ole Blue Septic service". They came out after about 45 minutes of the call. They tried the same thing Larry had done, but no luck. So inside the trailer they went and got the bulk out that way. Back outside again and flushing 5 gallon of water thru the pipes, we had clean pipes! What an ordeal. Terry came over, pulled up a chair and got to see the whole thing. We couldn't get Ron over here tho.
It has been very warm here---high 90's.
Bob came home yesterday after talking with Terry and Ron and said we are pulling out of here on Mon. or Tues. So after I finish my last work day tomorrow, the weekend will be spent stuffing the trailer and getting it ready to go.
We have to fill one propane tank before we leave also.
We'll keep you posted of our travels along the way.
Daniel, when you read this--I think your grandparents are great to work with!

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