Monday, March 26, 2007

March 26

Well, we started the day off by taking the truck to Valle Diesel in Valle, AZ. It is 30 miles south of where we are parked. They told us on Friday that they could clean the radiator off and we would be on our way. We got there and Tom looked at it and didn't think it was just the radiator that needed fixed. He called Diamond Dodge in Flagstaff, AZ to see if we could take it to them to look at. We got there at noon, and of course all the mechanics went to lunch at noon. One o'clock rolled around and finally at 1:30pm they took the truck and proceeded to check it out. About 3pm they had a diagnosis! We need a new fan clutch, radiator cleaned and the ECM module that basically tells the engine what to do. We had to leave it in Flagstaff and hopefully pick it up tomorrow. We then had to rent a car to get back to the campsite (75 miles away). We got home about 5pm, dog tired and ready to call it a night. The worst thing is---it isn't covered under the extra warranty we bought and it will cost $1800.00. Yikes, this is an expensive trip back to Wyoming... I just hope we can get it tomorrow...This means another day of a $32 campsite...More tomorrow!!

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